During the year 2017 I developed the idea of producing a series of exclusive, limited edition images to be offered as collector's prints. This initial idea over time took shape and saw the creation of a series of photographic projects both in 2018 and in 2019. Right from the end of 2018 I started exhibiting these fine art works at art galleries and making them available to the public.


The prints are made on Hannemhule cotton paper, which guarantees not only an optimal result but also a high conservation of the original quality over time, an essential feature for a collector's item. Each print is autographed and personally numbered by the photographer. If requested, I can issue a certificate of authenticity that can be affixed if desired on the back of the print.


There are a limited number of prints available in relation to the chosen print size and this number is definitive. Once the maximum print run is complete, the image and the digital negative will be deleted.


I am a portrait and fine art photographer who likes to tell fantastic and surreal stories through his images. I am fascinated by the paradoxes and contrasts of the human being, therefore I often place existential themes at the center of my photography such as life and death, reality and illusion, matter and spirit. I think the best way to catch the viewer's attention is to amaze him, to distance him from everyday life by accompanying him in a different world. Often I deliberately add or remove elements from the scene described in the image to underline the abnormality of the same and to make the observer ask questions in relation to the sense of what is represented. The choice of places, colors and people portrayed in my photography is studied and conceived to transform reality, to go beyond it, to look at it with different eyes. I like to consider my work as a balanced alchemy between ideas and emotions, where the message is as important as the aesthetics that describe it.

In order to access the gallery it is necessary to use a password which will be issued by writing to me at this link  --->  CLICK HERE


From December 2019: " Bottega d'Arte " - Chivasso - Italy

From May 2019: " Galleria Montmartre " - Biella - Italy

From January 2019 :  " Grafica Manzoni " -  Turin - Italy

 October 2019: " Collective exhibition VIAVAI 2019 " - Crescentino - Italy

" Lorenzo Gulino cannot conceive photography except through transcendence. Metamorphosis and variation of bodies and souls, figures who take advantage of changes to sublimate themselves in ideality "   ( Massimo Olivetti )

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