In the "Mirrors" project I use mirrors as if they were a passage to unknown and surreal places, or  a lens to look at the interior of the human being. Since childhood, mirrors have always fascinated me, they had something magical and disturbing at the same time. In the first series of images I propose again the central theme of the "Human masks" project, again I show how our true self is often buried under the many masks of personality, induced by the need or the surrounding environment to dress clothes that are not its own. In these images the mirror makes possible an introspective act in which the reflected image is often the opposite of what is shown in the main image. Happiness and sadness, dreams and fears, body and spirit, ultimately the contrasts of which the human being is composed. In the second series of images, on the other hand, the mirror becomes an instrument to look beyond the reality of a place, to show its essence, its spirit, its memories.

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