I called this project "DOORS"  because in each of the photographs taken these doors are placed in different and often desolate locations, as if they were portals for other places or dimensions of reality. In general I like to add or remove improbable elements in my photographs to give an unreal effect to the scene represented and I really believe that these doors help to capture the gaze and attention of my audience. With these images I would like to stimulate the spectator's imagination and curiosity, asking questions like "What is a door doing in such a place? What could be behind it? Where does it lead?".

The main elements of this sequence of images are the sense of paradox and mystery, obtained through the simple use of a common and omnipresent object in everyday life. Initially the temporal element had not been sought but later I found myself having an additional reading key linked to the seasonal variety of the places represented. All this story began with the first door portrayed in the autumn forest, the chromatic contrast of the leaves made it interesting to place a neutral white door. Several months later there was a heavy winter snowfall; having a different and lighter door ready and usable I thought that the current blizzard would have created a unique and suggestive effect and in fact I believe that the winter door is the most surreal and ethereal of the whole series. The seasonal theme then continued with a spring rose garden in which the door seems to lead to a secret garden, and finally a golden summer field as background. The project is not finished but in evolution.

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