The "Cup of life" body of work aims to tell my reflections on the life-death cycle. The cup of life is both the blue cup that covers the girl's body and the woman's womb, and in the following works Mother Earth herself. The body is deliberately naked, gray and pale to remind us of the transience of the flesh, the omnipresent death that awaits every living being. At the same time there is an element of paradox, of strong contrast, which are the fresh and colorful flowers, which cover but at the same time seem to be born and draw nourishment from these figures devoted to decay. In this way the subtle presence of the end is mitigated and exorcised by a new life, a harbinger of beauty and hope. It is natural that this new life is born exactly from the womb. The life cycle is told with few strokes and few colors, which remind us how everything is dying instant after instant, but at the same time, it is laying the foundations for a new beginning. Even the female body lying in a nest on the ground testifies to this cycle, leaving the observer puzzled and doubtful if he is looking at a person who is dying or one who is about to be reborn.

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